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    Mayr Torque Limiters

    EAS Compact (standard)

    The backlash-free, load disconnecting torque limiting clutch
  • Instant separation on overload
  • Permanent backlash free torque transmission
  • Readable torque adjustment
  • Synchronous, ratchetting and overload designs
  • High performance density
  • Favorable torque curve in the drive line on overload
  • Construction type "short hub" also available in rustproof and sealed designs

  • EAS Compact

    EAS-smartic (standard) - load disconnecting

    The installation space optimised torque limiting clutch.
  • Simple torque adjustment, can be directly read off
  • Quick installation via clamping hub
  • Backlash free torque transmission
  • Good dynamic characteristics
  • Cost effective and reliable

  • EAS Smartic

    EAS-element clutches (overload)

    The load disconnecting safe guard for high torques.
  • Residual torque free disconnection on overload
  • High switch on and repetitive accuracies
  • Can be integrated into existing constructions
  • Ideal for high speed drives and drives with large mass moments of inertia
  • The perfect alternative to hydraulic clamping sets and shear pins

  • EAS Element


    The residual torque free disconnecting torque limiting clutches with switching function.
  • Torque is steplessly controllable and adjustable during operation
  • High switch off accuracy on overload
  • Connection and disconnection of system parts during operation

  • EAS Sp


    Accurate limitation of tensile and pressure forces.
  • Reliable limitation of forces with high accuracy
  • Backlash free force transmission with high axial rigidity
  • Immediate force interruption on overload
  • Automatic engagement precisely at the point of disengagement
  • Electrical switch off via integrated sensor

  • EAS Axial

    ROBA-slip hubs

  • Robust and reliable
  • Easy installation and handling
  • Suitable for high friction work and high torques

  • Roba SlipHubs


    The consistent torque continuous slip clutch with magnetic hysteresis principle.
  • Precise torque limitation
  • Contactless torque transmission
  • Wear resistant and maintenance free
  • Load holding
  • Can be used as clutch or brake

  • Roba contitorqu

    EAS-torque sensor

    The torque actuated signal transmitter.
  • Signal emission on overload without disconnection of the masses (no mechanical overload protection)
  • Input and output are protected against breakdowns and connected via positive locking
  • For all applications on which disconnection of the input and output is not permitted
  • Can also be used in hoists and vertical axes

  • EAS Torque